B I O  /  S T A T E M E N T

A British American since 1987, named after the Great French and Spanish Painters; Georges Braque and Joan Miro. 

As far back as I can remember I've always drawn, painted and made things. For me it's second nature to create, it's a love affair, an obsession and an on going strive for perfection.

I paint mostly in acrylics using brushes, sometimes a palette knife, I like the raw expression, the depth and soul it has, Real Art in its purest form.

My work is always positive conceptually, I choose to show you the good not the bad. It's bold, rich and vibrant in colour and is stylistically very diverse. The reason being, one day I want to paint this, the next day I feel like painting that, from a simple abstraction or illustration to a more realist approach. 

There's a quote I really love, that stands out to me above many great quotes, by an Artist named Robert Henri, who stated - 'The objective isn't to make Art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes Art inevitable.' I think you can apply that to any creative industry, whether that be cooking, performance art, music...when your buzzing, feeling it in your SOUL, you have your favorite music playing, you're in an optimal state of  mind, THAT'S when you will ALWAYS produce your best work, no matter who you are or what you do. THAT'S when 'Art is inevitable.'

So I like to be versatile, I think you have to be depending on the objective and what needs to be expressed and felt. It's good to explore, experiment, not just in terms of style but materials, ideas etc.

I've always been fascinated by many great painters from American Pop Artists to the genius of M.C Escher, European masters, allured by the colour and culture of French and Spanish artists; Matisse, Miro, Picasso.. and of course, the intricacy of the Italians, from their many sculptors and painters to the great fashion houses of Milan and beyond.

Combining these influences and inspirations with growing up on the beach - having an affinity with the ocean and natural beauty in general, all molded my own cultural blend, creative identity and exciting aesthetic. 

T H E  H A N D  P A I N T E D  C O L L E C T I O N

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Contemporary Art and Menswear harmonised. In fact, not only is every piece Unique, but an Original work of Art itself.

Every single pocket and leather piece is meticulously hand painted, hand cut and beautifully hand sewn including additional details. The leather we use is strictly Grade A Bavarian Bull hide.

In addition to providing the ideal canvas, the leather paintings act as a subsequent window into the soul of the brand. Inspired by sunshine and the tropics, the bold and prismatic emblems are as much an expression of taste and individuality as they are of colour and culture. From rare, exquisite animals to sun-soaked bodies and beaches, the designs are a true celebration of nature's undeniable beauty.  


Firstly, any folds or creases are ironed out of the leather and the factory finish is removed from the surface in order for the paint to adhere correctly. Pockets and additional pieces for detailing are then chalked out and cut by hand, re-trimmed, and excess fur removed from the back edges for a nice clean finish. The suede side of the leather pieces are then all protected using Liquiproof, which provides an invisible, odorless protection allowing very minimal water penetration, prolonging the suppleness of the leather. 

Designs are then individually painted on. The paint has to dry for a minimum of 24 hours, after which a protective coating is applied in 2-3 layers, again set to dry for 24 hours. Every piece is then hand sewn onto the garment, along with any additional detailing.

Silk is sublimation printed for better permanence, image & colour quality. Again it is marked out & cut by hand, a thin backing is also applied for slightly more rigidity making it easier to work with, the shape is then folded & sewn.

Garments are sourced from different manufacturers and wholesalers here in the UK, we choose the cut, fit etc, they are then finished to our requirements and sent down to us on the south coast of England, for the second half of their production.