*NEW* Pineapple


Image of *NEW* Pineapple

With this one I wanted to create a symbol/tribal marking of the fruit, with a lot of energy and a perfect balance.

Abstract pineapple design, white leather, crisp white T, matching leather detail bottom right hand side with yellow stitching.

Unique edition - Paintings will all vary slightly

Every single pocket is individually hand painted, hand cut & hand sewn, using the finest genuine Bull hide, specialist leather paints & finishes. Please see 'About' page for further info.

- 100% cotton
- Crew neck
- Hand wash
- Iron on reverse (Pass over pocket gently if needed - Do Not Hold)
- Dry flat

Gift Box included with every order

Delivery 3-4 Days (UK)



Image of *NEW* Pineapple Image of *NEW* Pineapple Image of *NEW* Pineapple